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CSS 3 Animations City Animations, Bucharest, Vienna, Latvia, Uruguay

During my collaboration with FCR MEDIA, some of my projects were the creation of animated headers For multiple
websites For countries where the company owned GOLDEN PAGES portals. I was the web designer and the CSS animator
for these projects. Some of them can be seen accessing the links below.

Programming Languages used: CSS3 and HTML 5;
Design tools used: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator;
The elements that inspired this design were the most iconic buildings in Romania: Intercontinental Hotel, Romanian Opera building, Bran Castle, Arch of Triumph.
The animation design changes depending on the time of the day and month: Day, Night, Winter.

View the animation on Pagini Aurii Website here: https://www.paginiaurii.ro/

CSS Animation And Design Projects

Romania Day Time

css animation romania

Romania Night Time

Romania Christmas Time

Latvia Day Time

css animation romania

Latvia Night Time

Uruguay Christmas Day Time

Uruguay Night Time

css animation romania

Vienna Day Time

Vienna Night Time